Simon Napier-Bell

Rock Manager and Author

Simon Napier-Bell (born 1939) has been a film composer, songwriter, record producer, and author, but most of all he is known for being a rock manager. Amongst the artists heís managed are The Yardbirds, Marc Bolan, T Rex, Japan, Asia, CC Catch, Ultravox, Candi Staton, Boney M, and Wham!

In the 60s he co-wrote the song You Donít Have To Say You Love Me which went to number one sung by Dusty Springfield and was also covered in the early 70s by Elvis Presley.

He has written four best-selling books about the music industry: You Donít Have To Say You Love Me, about the music business in the 60s; Black Vinyl White Powder, a history of the British music industry; and Iím Coming To Take You To Lunch, about taking Wham! to Communist China in the 80s, the first Western pop or rock group ever to play there. His latest book, Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay, is a history of the business of popular music from its first beginnings in 1710 until today, published in August 2014 by Unbound Books.

These days he is a director of Papa Entertainments PLC, which produces 'Raiding the Rock Vault', the best-rated music show in Las Vegas, and of Snap-B Music, a company that provides consultancy to top music industry professionals. He travels, does business, gives talks, and eats & drinks well, all over the world.

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